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Dr. Levy (standing), Dr. Patel, Mrs. Mason-Roney, Dr. Somerville (left-right)

Why Us

Our patients recommend us... they know we care:

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We nurture long-term relationships with our patients, with the community, and within our office. In August 2007 we celebrated the 20th year with the practice of both our office manager, Mrs. Deborah Mason-Rooney (center), and our associate, Dr. David Somerville (right). In 2002 Dr. Niraj Patel (left) joined the practice, which was started by Dr. Levy (standing) in 1980. Dr. Sunanda Bhushan (not pictured here) joined us in 2008.

We never force a particular treatment upon a patient. You will choose the course of action, based on our dentists telling you:

  1. What your problem is, and what possible treatments we can offer;
  2. The professional opinion of the dentist(s) about which plan is best for you;
  3. The fact that the decision is yours to make, based on what seems right to you.

We were honored with the Frederick County "Best Places to Work" Award, in 2012 and 2013.

We can offer several kinds of sedation at the office if you suffer from anxiety.

Dr. Levy, Dr. Somerville and Dr. Patel can perform all the necessary dental work in a single visit, in the operating room at Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Levy's reputation in the hospital operating room brings him referrals from a wide radius in Maryland and nearby states. He has received numerous honors and awards for his longstanding service to the community and to dental professionals. Among them are:

If you need help after hours, you will quickly be able to speak with one of our dentists.

Our office is wheelchair and gurney accessible. Patients never have to be moved into an office chair.

We are flexible. Our hygienists can perform cleanings while you sit in one of our nine comfortable treatment room chairs, sit in your own wheelchair, recline on a gurney, or are sedated or asleep in the hospital operating room. Our hygienists also attend to patients in local nursing homes.

Our dentists perform a vast array of procedures:

We understand and speak several languages:

We care.